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chem ! help its killing me to :/

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1.If the pressure of the gas in a 2.31 L balloon is 0.120 atm and the volume increases to 7.14 L, what will be the final pressure of the air within the balloon? Round to the nearest hundredth. Don't forget the units.

2.At a pressure of 2 atm, hydrogen gas occupies a volume of 8 L. What pressure must the gas be under if the volume is increased to 10 L? Don't forget the units.

3.A gas at 72 °C occupies 10 L. What is the temperature in Kelvin when it expands to a volume of 22 L? Round to the nearest whole number and don't forget the units.

4.A balloon is filled with 14 L of gas at 302 K. What is its temperature in Kelvin when the volume expands to 20 L? Round to the nearest whole number. Don't forget the units.

5.If a gas is cooled from 323.0 K to 273.15 K and the volume is kept constant, what final pressure would result if the original pressure was 750.0 mm Hg? Round to the nearest tenth. Don't forget the units.

6.If a gas in a closed container is pressurized from 15.0 atm to 16.0 atm and its original temperature was 25 °C, what would be the final temperature of the gas in Kelvin? Round to the nearest whole number. Don't forget the units.

  • chem ! help its killing me to :/ -

    This is not a service where long homework assignments are done for you. You have to make an effort.

    Learn and apply the ideal gas law.

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