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Thank you so much for helping me but for #2 c.) is it yes or a no, though i did the rest of my questions but im stuck on this one so can you please help and explain a lot cause i have a test on this soon and i want to understand it, thanks :)

Serena can rent a video game for $3.49 per day. She can buy the game for $49.95. After how many days does it become cheaper for Serena to buy the game?

a.) use an inequality to reprsent the situation
b.) use the ineqality to solve the problem

c.) if the game takes serena 25h to solve and she plays 1.5h a day, should she rent or buy the game? verify your solution.

Thank you

  • To: Reiny- Math - ,

    I tried doing the question: are these correct:

    for a.) 3.49x< or equal to 49.95

    b.) 49.95/3.49= 14.3= 14 days

    and im stuck on c.)

  • To: Reiny- Math - ,

    oh for c.) i got: she should buy the game because in 14 days she will have only completed 21 hours of the game: 1.5 x 14= 21
    25/1.5 = 16 days to complete the game, therefore she should buy it

    but can you check these to see if im right and thank you so much for helping me, it means a lot and i have finally understood how to do it thank you:):):):)

  • To: Reiny- Math - ,

    Since you did not sign with a name and used "anonymous" instead, it is hard to go back and find which post contains #2 c)

    As to the above ....

    a) and b) are correct
    if you get a decimal, like in x < 49.35/3.49 < 14.3
    actually try the whole number above and below to see which one works

    c) Serena will need 25/1.5 or 16 2/3 days to complete the game, but again, we need whole numbers .
    So she will need to rent the game for 17 days, not 16

    the cost for 17 days would be 17(3.49) = 59.33 , so yes, she should buy it for only 49.95

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