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Math (Algebra)

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A number is called algebraic if there is a polynomial with rational coefficients for which the number is a root. For example,√2 is algebraic because it is a root of the polynomial x^2−2. The number √2+√3+√5 is also algebraic because it is a root of a monic polynomial of degree 8, namely x^8+ax^7+bx^6+cx^5+dx^4+ex^3+fx^2+gx+h. Find |a|+|b|+|c|+|d|+|e|+|f|+|g|+|h|.

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    If the coefficients are all rational, then the irrational roots must occur in conjugate pairs. So, the polynomial is


    x^8 - 40x^6 + 352x^4 - 960x^2 + 576

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