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Rhombus ABCD is similar to rhombus BFDE.The area of rhombus ABCD is 24 and angle BAD=60 degrees .What is the area of rhombus BFDE?

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    I noticed, looking at the "Related Questions" below, that you have posted this same question 3 times

    The reason you are not getting any answers is that you don't have enough information.

    We know nothing about the second rhombus.

    BTW, the area of similar shapes is proportional to the square of their corresponding sides

    you can find the side of the first:
    Draw the diagonal BD, cutting the area in half
    so triangle ABD = 12
    area = (1/2)(a)(b)sinØ , where a and b are two sides with Ø the contained angle.

    (1/2)(x)(x)sin60 = 12
    x^2 (√3/2) = 24
    x^2 = 48/√3
    x = √ (48/√3 ) = 4√3/(√(√3) ) = appr 5.264

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    Thank you Reiny .I have a doubt ,i.e.,as they have already given the two rhombus'es are similar ,can we write that the area of rhombus BFDE is also equal to rhombus ABCD?

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