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Math 4 questions

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I posted these questions earlier but noone answered them and i really need help so can someone help me.

1. represent each with an ineqaulity
a.) time spent on the activity can be at most 13 mins
b.) the volume of the container must be a minimum of 1.8 L and a max of 2.5 L

2. in canada by law any product sold as a nutritional supplement or meal replacement must provide a minimum of 225kcal of energy per serving

a.) if c represents the energy content of one serving write an inequality to represent this regulation

3. Danlielle's track coach tells the team that to be considered for the 100 meter race a runner has to be able to run 100m in less than 13s. draw and lable a numer line to repsent this.

4. on saltspring island in british columbia the height of the tide varies one day from a low of 0.8m to a high of 3.2m

a.) what type of ineqaulity do you need to use to show the range of tide heights

b.) express this situation algebraically

thank you so much :)

  • Math 4 questions -

    "at most" means ≤
    "minimuum of" means ≥
    "less than" means <
    "low of" means ≥
    "high of" means ≤

    You will be more likely to get an answer quickly if you show your attempts.

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