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Homework Help: Sociology of Sports

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1.Deviant overconformity is associated with some forms of violence in sports. The roots of this violence are grounded in (d)
A. a desire for self-fulfillment and personal satisfaction.
B.a lack of loyalty to team rules.
C.the desire to gain reaffirmation for oneís identity as an athlete.
D.a deep and secure sense of self worth.

2. Information on spectator violence suggests that the worst cases of violence have usually been related to (A)
A. the amount of media coverage given to a game or match.
B.issues and tensions that were important in the community as a whole.
C.efforts to control the amount of alcohol available at the game or match.
D.the number of uniformed police in the stadium or arena.

3. Information on violence in womenís contact sports suggests that women are (C)
A.genetically predisposed to be less violent than men are.
B.more likely than men to be violent in response to the commands of a coach.
C.less likely than men to use violence as proof of their sexual identity.
D.becoming less violent in sports as rewards for success become greater.

4. The diagram of the two-category gender classification system indicates that (C) have more freedom than women have in taking action.
B.normative boundaries for gender are determined by nature and biology.
C.gays and lesbians are considered out of normative bounds by many people.
D.normative boundaries associated with gender are seldom questioned.

5. An emphasis on "cosmetic fitness" and thinness among women can have a negative effect on sport participation because it leads women to (D) too much protein and not enough carbohydrates to maintain energy.
B.wear clothes that are bulky and restrict movement. only those sports that involve strength and speed.
D.associate sport participation with losing weight.

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