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Use the seven step method described in the book to graph the following rational function
1) Determine the symmetry of the function
2) Find the y-intercept
3) Find the x-intercept
4) Find the vertical asymptotes
5) Find the horizontal asymptotes
6) Plot points between and beyond the x-intercept and the vertical asymptotes.
Type the y-coordinate for each of the following points:
-5 -2 -1 2 5
7) What should the graph look like

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    f(x) = (2x+3)(x-1) / x(2x-7)

    So, the denominator is zero at x=0,7/2 making vertical asymptotes

    Top and bottom are both quadratics with x^2 coefficient=2, so there is a horizontal asymptote at y = 2/2 = 1

    There is no y-intercept, because f(x) is not defined for x=0

    It's easy to see where y=0

    f(x) is neither even nor odd, so there is no symmetry

    visit to check out the graph. Just type in the function

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