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Posted by Minnie on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 4:18pm.

Hey, can naybody please look wheter I wirte it all right? Thanks :)

Negative Concord
- Means that there must be more then one negative word in a sentences
- Can be find in some languages like French, Spanish or Russian
-> French: Je na vais nulle part.
Iím not going nowhere -> Iím not going anywhere
-> Spanish: No he visto nada.
I donít see nothing -> I donít see anything
- Mostly the same in English and German
-> I havenít seen nothing
German: Ich habe nicht nichts gesehen. -> understand as: Ich habe etwas gesehen
That is why we say I havenít seen anything
- Mostly negative concord seems non standart english!
-> But it is common in dialacts
-> Is standart when we say: I saw neither Kim nor Pat

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