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Posted by Noelle on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 5:41pm.

25. Edith earns an annual gross salary of $17,500. She has 28% of her gross salary withheld for taxes and other deductions. What is the net pay of each paycheck if she is paid weekly?

26. Franklin deposited $1,400 in a savings account that accrues simple interest at 6.75%. What is the balance in his account at the beginning of the third quarter?

27. George borrowed $1895.50 for two years. The total amount he repaid was $2,189.38. How much interest did he pay for the loan?

28. Norma borrowed $1,800 at 11% interest for 90 days. How much interest did she pay on the loan?

29. Carlos earns $450 per week as a paralegal. He is in the 15% tax bracket. How much of his annual income is withheld for taxes?

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