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Posted by lola on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 4:08am.

An apprentice Carpenter has designed a wooden coffee table. he expects to sell 25 such tables for 95$ each at an upcoming artisan market. by conducting a survey, he determines that for each $2 reduction in the price of the table, he will likely gain three sales.

a) an expression that describes the price of each table, based on the number of reductions, is 95 – 2x , where x represents the number of $2 reductions in price. write a similar expression to describe the number of tables the carpenter can expect to sell, based on the number of reductions.

***I got that part… its 25+3x

b) Write an equation to describe the carpenter’s income as a product of the price of each table and the expected number of tables sold.
**I also found this part. Income= (95-2x) (25+3x) = 2375+235x -6x2

The carpenter hopes to earn $3600 to pay for his time, materials, and sales booth, as well as make a small profit. Determine the number of $2 reductions he can apply to the price of the tables to make $3600. ?

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