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Homework Help: World Geography

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1.Which of the following demographic characteristics distinguishes Europe's population from that of Asia?

A.) More Europeans inhabit rural areas.
B.) The European population is much younger.
C.) Europeans are more concentration in urban areas.
D.) Europe has a larger population concentration than Asia.

2.Where is the largest population concentration in the Western Hemisphere?

A.) In the interior of Mexico.
B.) Along the Brazilian coast.
C.) On the northeast U.S. and southeast canadian seaboards.
D.) In the southern half of California.

3.In which of the following ways can the population grow?

A.) Migration
B.) Marriage
C.) Distribution
D.) Death

4.Which area is considered to be the most densely populated?

A.) Singapore
B.) Palestine
C.) Monaco
D.) Hong Kong

5.Which area of the world has experianced the greatsest population growth in the past 10 years?

A.) South America
B.) Asia
C.) Africa
D.) Europe

6.What event was responsible for the first population explosion?

A.) The industrial Revolution.
B.) The invention of fire.
C.) The Agricultural Revolution.
D.) The development of cities.

7.Which of the following characterizes a Stage 3 population?

A.) Produces many offspring.
B.) Lives in rural areas.
C.) Experiences a sharp increase in crude death rate.
D.) Consists primarily of urban dwellers.

8. Which is the result of zero population growth?

A.) Population stability.
B.) No natural increase.
C.) A rapid decline in human population.
D.) The elimination of high-density populations.

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