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Homework Help: World Geography

Posted by Kaitlyn on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 9:19pm.

1. During the late 18th and mid-19th centuries, Europeans and North Americans were attracted to nearby coastal waters due to potential economic gains from?

A.) Catching trout and cod fish.
B.) Catching seals and whales.
C.) Shipbuilding.
D.) Finding riches and unexplored islands.

2. Islanders living in Beqa, Fiji, Live primarily.

A.) By hunting and eating meat.
B.) By fishing and cultivating tara.
C.) By gathering nuts for exports.
D.) By eating plants.

3. This geographic feature is a primary reason for a budding economy on Cook Island.

A.) Beautiful beaches and pleasant climate.
B.) Beautiful volcanoes.
C.) Tropical plants.
D.) Unique population of fish.

4. The discovery of _________________ caused the creation of new Australian towns.

A.) Jewels & Diamonds.
B.) Bronze pottery.
C.) Gold & Mineral deposits.
D.) Furs.

5. Which natural resource is not a common and highly important food source throughout the Pacific Island?

A.) Bananas.
B.) Cattle.
C.) Pork.
D.) Taro root.

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