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Chem 110

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supposed that a liter of sample water contains 1.00 mmol of Ca2+ ions and 1.50 mmol HCO3- ions. how many millimoles of CaCO3 will precipitate if this water is boiled for 15 mins?

  • Chem 110 -

    .......Ca^2+ + 2HCO3^- ==> Ca(HCO3)2
    Which is the limiting reagent?
    1 mmol Ca^2+ will form 1 mmols Ca(HCO3)2
    1.5 mmol HCO3^- will form 0.75 mmols Ca(HCO3)2; therefore, 0.75 mmols Ca(HCO3)2 will be formed.

    Then Ca(HCO3)2 ==> CaCO3 + H2O + CO2
    0.75 mmols Ca(HCO3)2 will form 0.75 mmols CaCO3. Convert that to grams CaCO3.

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