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Human Origins Essay
Significant consequences of the Agricultural Revolution;

There are multiple consequences from the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution. It created a drastic increase in population, it was the beginning of domesticating animals, and new food was grown.
The weather changed, and lead to rising temperatures worldwide provided longer growing seasons and drier land for cultivating wild grasses, hunter-gatherers felt pressure to find new food sources. Farming and living in one place, instead of traveling around, was very popular and so it caught on with other groups of people. With that this was the beginning of civilizations and cities. The farming and civilizations initiated the beginning of trading. The people were traveling as much anymore which lead to a huge increase in population. With the amount of food they had and people were starving even with the increase with the people. It is said that it’s hunter’s knowledge likely lead to the domestication of animals. Hunting wasn’t always successful, they learned to tame animals. Which lead them to always having animals, they always had a source of food. That might have also later lead to having pets.

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