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American History

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Most of the asians who immigrated to the united states in the 1850s came because

a.) Of available work

b.) Of the rumor of a "golden mountain" in california"

c.) they were forceds to flee due to collapes of the japanese economy

d.) none of these

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    To quote Ms. Sue: "Asian-Americans come from all of the over 50 Asian countries -- China, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Laos, Turkey, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Jordan, Syria, etc., etc. These people represent many different races, religions, and cultures."

    You need to be more specific.

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    well i've only got what my paper gives me. but i'd assume it is talking about chinese, considering those were the main asian immigrants at the time

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    or maybe japanese, since that's in one of the answers

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    "golden mountain in California" -- isn't that usually associated with the numbers of Chinese men (and eventually women) who came in when the Gold Rush was occurring? It started in 1849 and continued from there.

    And yes, there's the reference to the Japanese economy.

    So ... what does your text say? What do YOU THINK.

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