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1) A drug created by a chemical reaction in some foods, especially fruits and grains

A= neurons
B= cirrhosis
C= alcohol ******
D= depressant

2) Being drunk

A= intoxicated ******
B= withdrawal
C= alcohol
D= minor

3) Cells that make up the nervous system

A= spinal cord
B= neurons *****
C= cirrhosis
D= depressant

4) A drug that can slow down the activity of the brain and nervous system

A= alcohol
B= cirrhosis
C= withdrawal
D= depressant *****

5) A long bundle of neurons that sends messages to and from the brain and all parts of the body

A= spinal cord ******
B= cirrhosis
C= depressant
D= blood alcohol content (BAC)

6) A series of painful physical and mental symptoms associated with recovery from a drug

A= violence
B= intoxicated
C= withdrawal ****
D= depressant

7) An act of physical force resulting in injury or abuse

A= intoxicated
B= depressant
C= withdrawal
D= violence ******

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