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Fahrenheit and Celsius are two measures of temperature. The temperature in degrees Celsius is equal to five ninths of 32 less than the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. What is a function rule that represents this situation?

  • Function -

    Draw a vertical line, calling the left side F for Fahrenheit, and the right side C for Celsius
    Consider the top of the line to be the boiling point of water and the bottom the freezing point of water

    On the C side, mark the top 100 and the bottom 0, (very logical)
    On the F side, mark the top 212 and the bottom 32, (totally illogical)

    pick any arbitrary point on the line, calling the left F and the right side C
    Now create a proportion and solve it
    (F - 32))/(212 - 32) = C/100
    (F-32)/180 = C/100
    100F - 3200 = 180C
    100F = 180C + 3200
    F = (180/100)C + 32
    F = (9/5)C + 32

    or after rearranging:
    C = (5/9)(F - 32)

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