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Linda works at a pharmacy for $15 an hour. She also babysits for $10 an hour. Linda needs to earn at least $90 per week, but she does not want to work more than 20 hours per week. Show and describe the number of hours Linda could work at each job to meet her goals. List two possible solutions.

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    Let our two variables be:

    p # of pharmacy hours

    b # of babysitting hours

    Then we should have two statements from the given facts:


    We can graph these inequalities by solving for either p or b in both inequality.

    Once the inequalities are graphed then any point that is shaded in their intersection will work.

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    Let me know if that helped you please (:

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    p+b less than or equal to 20 and 15*p+10*b is greater than or equal to 90

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    Tony wants to plant at least 40 acres of corn and at least 50 acres of soybeans. He wants no more than 200 acres of corn and soybeans. Show and describe all the possible combination's of the number of acres of corn and of soybeans Tony could plant. List two possible combination's

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