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What factors led to Robespierre becoming a dictator?

Beginning with the execution of Louis XVI in January 1793, France faced an increase in food riots, large popular insurrections and devastating treasonous acts by those thought to be patriots. Also, France was threatened by foreign powers who had been threatening to invade if the King or his family were harmed. A stable government was needed to quell the chaos.

On April 6, the nine-member Committee of Public Safety replaced the larger Committee of General Defense. On July 27, 1793 the Convention elected Robespierre to the Committee, although he had not sought the position. The Committee of General Security began to manage the country's internal police.

Robespierre was one of the most popular orators in the National Convention and his carefully prepared speeches often made a deep impression. It was Robespierre's belief that political terror and virtue were of necessity inseparable, and that a truly democratic and free society could only be founded on the violent destruction and abolition of the Ancien Régime.


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    Please do more than copy and paste answers. as Ms. Sue points out, without siting your sources you are stealing the work of others (plagiarizing). While answering questions about well researched history will be mostly referencing the work of past research and reports from the time in question, you need to give your sources their due credit.

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