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Chemistry 104 PLEASE HELP ME!!

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Determine the weight of Na2C2O4 which is required to react completely with 20.0ml of 0.02M KMnO4.

  • Chemistry 104 PLEASE HELP ME!! - ,

    Write and balance the equation.
    2MnO4 + 5C2O4^2- ==> 10CO2 + 2Mn^2+ and you can finish but the coefficients are are what you need.
    How much KMnO4 do you have? That's mols = M x L = 0.02L x 0.02M = ?
    Use the coefficients above to convert mols KMnO4 to mols Na2C2O4.
    Now convert mols Na2C2O4 to grams.
    g = mols x molar mass.

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