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Rotating blade (body force in axial loading)
blade is fixed to a rigid rotor of radius R spinning at ω rad/sec around the vertical z-axis. Neglect the effects of gravity.
Calculate the peak stress in the blade: σmaxn
Calculate the blade elongation: δ
Calculate the displacement of the blade mid-section: ux(L/2)

  • physics -

    1. rho*omega^2/2*(L^2 + 2*R*L)
    2. (rho*omega^2)/(2*E)*(2/3*L^3 + R*L^2)
    3. (rho*omega^2)/(2*E)*(11/24*L^3 + 3/4*R*L^2)

    Simply obtained by using definitions and proper integrations.

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