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Todd is moving sand from his driveway to the backyard. The wheelbarrow weighs 30 kilograms when it is full of sand. When it is empty, it weighs 12 kilograms. How many grams of sand did Todd move if he filled and emptied the wheelbarrow five times?

answer:210,000 grams

Is it right or wrong?


  • math -

    sand = 30 - 12 kg = 18 kg per load

    Now, he did this 5 times
    amount of sand moved = 5(18) = 90 kg
    = 90000 g , since 1 kg = 1000 g (kilo --> thousand)

  • math -

    30 kg -12kg=18 kg
    18kg*5loads=90kgs of sand
    1kg= 1000grams
    90,000grams of sand

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