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algebra 1

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*I have asked countless people to help me with this story problem and nobody seems to know how to do it! Please help!

Natalie performs a chemistry experiment where she records the temperature of an ongoing reaction. The solution is 93.5º C after 3 minutes; 90º C after 5 minutes, 84.8 C after 9 minutes; 70.2º C after 18 minute; 54.4º C after 30 minutes; 42.5ºC after 37 minutes; and 24.9º C after 48 minutes. Perform a linear regression on this data to complete the following items.

1.) What does the value of the correlation coefficient tell you about correlation of the data?

2.) Write the equation of the best-fitting line. (Round to the nearest thousandths.)

3.) On average, how much does the temperature decrease every five minutes?

4.) If Natalie's solution is expected to freeze at -7º C, how many minutes into the experiment should the solution freeze? (Show work that supports your prediction).

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