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17.Which roller coaster has the greatest lift height
Top Thrill Dragster

18.What is the median lift height for the roller coasters lifted? Round to the nearest tenth.
Not sure for this one

19.Arrange the given roller coasters from least to greatest lift height

20.What is the median of the data vertical drop?
Im not sure for this one either

Gemini lift height -20 vertical drop -19

Magnum XL-200 lift height 60 vertical drop 58

Top Thrill Dragster lift height 275 vertical drop 263

Mantis lift height 0 vertical drop 0

Millenium Force lift height 165 vertical drop 163

Mean streak lift height 16 vertical drop 18

Raptor lift height -8 vertical drop -18

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    Number 20 is 18 but Im still not sure for the question number 18 still

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    Number 18 is 16 but what do they mean by round to the nearest tenth>?

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