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Math Probability

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Super stumped... Help please.

The average distance geese fly south in the winter is approximately 380 miles with a standard deviation of 60 miles. Assuming that the distances are normally distributed, find the probability that a randomly selected goose migrates a distance of:

a. Less than 300 miles
b. Between 320 a 440 miles
c. Greater than 460 miles

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    300 miles is -80/60 = -1.33σ from the mean
    320-400 is -1.00σ to + +0.33σ
    >460 miles is >1.33σ

    So, just go tour standard Z table and read off the values. For the first, you want the area of the left tail at least 1.33σ from the mean: 0.091

    A handy Z-table grapher and solver can be found at

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    Very nice. that Z-grapher helped. :)PZ

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