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Chemistry revision

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all these questions I got wrong on my homework today ...I'm trying to find out why and what the correct answers were .. please help

How many grams of solute are required to make a 504 mL solution of copper (I) nitrate with a concentration of 1.3317 M?
before I had help and was told it was 126 didn't work

When 84.2730 grams of solute are used to make a 504 mL solution of copper (I) nitrate, what is the concentration of the solution? I also received help and told it was also didn't work.

A student mixes 450 mL of water and 116 mL of 7.90 x 10-5 M greenfood dye solution. What is the concentration of this new dilute solution of green food dye?
this question came out negative so I knew it was wrong

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    I showed you how to work 1 and 2? You must not have followed instructions. For example, I did NOT say the answer to number 2 was 0.9; however, I said it was about 0.9. That means you go through the calculation yourself, work it to more exacting terms, then report the answer to the correct number of significant figures. If you will show yur work on these three I will try and find the error. Also note that I did NOT say the answer to #1 was 126. I said it was ABOUT 126.

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