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Consider a thin, infinitely long conducting ribbon that carries a uniform current density j(current per unit area). The width of the ribbon is w and its thickness s is extremely small (s<<w).P is a point in the plane of the ribbon, at a large distance (x>>s) from the ribbon edge.

What is the magnitude of the magnetic field B (in T ) at point P for the following values of w , j , s and x ?
w= 6 cm ; s= 0.1 cm; j= 1A/m^2 and x=21 cm .

Please can someone give me a hand to start this exercice??

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    I have solved it, but i donĀ“t know if the result is correct. The result that i obtain is:

    B= 1.39*10^-10[T]

    can someone comfirm it


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