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Posted by Nicole on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 4:31pm.

Well I have been working on an essay for a couple days now about slavery, here it is:
Slavery began in the 16th century, but ended in the 19th century. Slaves went through a lot of torture then, but some blacks now still deal with some of the problems the slaves had back then.
Slavery lasted for centuries, but it was most used when the U.S. tried to find independence from Great Britain in 1776. The North abolished slavery in the year of 1787, however slavery was very popular in the South. The South had large plantation fields, the most plantation field that most slaves worked on was the cotton field. This created a segregation between the North and South. When Abraham Lincoln was elected he ordered all slaves to be free in January, 1863 in the Confederacy through the Emancipation Proclamation. After the war, the Thirteenth Amendment came out, it effectively ended slavery throughout throughout the U.S. From the 16th-19th century Africans from Africa were shipped to the Americas and worked for other people. 2/3 of the slaves worked in the cotton field, nearly 400,000 people (whites) held slaves, (roughly 1/4.)The only way for a slave to be free was to run away through the Underground Railroads to the North.
The Amendment said "every person should have the right of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." However, it was simply way to hard for slave to have a Life, Liberty and/or Pursuit of Happiness in the South. The Antislavery Society was founded by Quakers in Philadelphia, during the year the Revolution began. The British army freed many slaves as they were moving through the South. The growth of free black communities in Americas were limited by the war for American Independence, Revolutionary sentiments led to the banning of the importation of slaves in 1807. Many people in the North needed to recognize that the economic benefit was vastly overshadowing by the overwhelming repugnance, immortality, and inhumanity of slavery.
Black people have had to play catch up and have been denied for certain opportunities a white race wouldn't. Some cope with poor housing, lack of employment opportunities, inadequate health care and education. When blacks were enslaved whites didn't see them as a citizen of their own kind, they had suffered a lot of physical/ mental, and emotional damage that has been passed down through centuries. John H. Franklin said "that this country has not confronted the issue of slavery yet," John Franklin's statement is still true today.
Slavery is a big impact in our history, they've went through a lot but still held strong. The U.S. has been affected and our lives by slavery.
Is this good or not? If not please help me to make it better.

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