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Posted by Nicole on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 8:04pm.

My teacher wanted me to make an essay about slavery.. This is my essay:
At the time of the American Revolution, the split between North and South over the issue of slavery was apparent but not great enough to prevent the states from uniting as one nation. Delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 forged a compromise on the issue of slavery: Among other constitutional provisions, a slave was to be counted as three-fifths of a person for purposes of taxation and representation. The Constitution’s ambiguous position on slavery became a topic of considerable controversy during the nineteenth century, and modern historians still hold different views on the compromise the founding fathers forged. In 1975 historian John Hope Franklin charged that,

having created a tragically flawed revolutionary doctrine and a Constitution that did not bestow the blessings of liberty on its posterity, the Founding Fathers set the stage for every succeeding generation to apologize, compromise, and temporize on the principles of liberty that were supposed to be the very foundation of our system of government and way of life. The founding fathers’ intentions, the compromise they forged staved off a national debate for only a few more decades. Meanwhile, economic realities continued to shape the slavery debate. With the beginning of the American industrial revolution in 1790, the Northern states’ economies became more rooted in industry and commerce, making them less dependent on slave labor. By 1804 all of the Northern states had implemented plans to abolish slavery. But in the South the invention of laborsaving devices such as the water frame and the cotton gin made the plantation system more profitable and increased the demand for slaves. There was a flurry of controversy in 1819, when Missouri applied for admission to the Union as a slave state. But the problem was solved with the Missouri Compromise, through which Missouri was admitted as a slave state while Maine was admitted as a free state. The issue of slavery was still largely a political rather than a moral one.
Is this good or not? If not, can you help me to make my essay good?

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