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A Body with a mass of 150kg is located at a height of 45 m. If allowed to fell freely to the ground. What will be its velocity on impact?
KE= 1/2*m*v^2
PE= m*g*h
1/2*m*v^2= m*g*h
1/2*150kg*45m*v^2= 150kg*9.81*45m
3375* v^2= 66217.5
3375*v^2/3375= 66217.5/3375
v^2= 19.62m/s
Is this done correctly?

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    There are a lot more steps than you need.

    V = sqrt(2 g h)
    Forget about the mass.
    I do not agree with your V^2 number. You have 45 meter height terms on both sides of your equation. That is wrong.

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