March 30, 2017

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Assume a family is planning to have three children.

1. Why do probabilities centered around this scenario represent the same probabilities as those for flipping three coins

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    in flipping one coin, and having one child:
    prob(heads) = 1/2, prob(tails) = 1/2
    prob(boy) = 1/2 , prob (girl) = 1/2

    for flipping 3 coins, or considering 3 kids:
    prob(1 head, 2 tails) = 3(1/2)^3 = 3/8
    prob(1 boy, 2 girls) = 3(1/2)^3 = 3/8


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    This is because each pregnancy is independent of the others so the chances of receiving either a boy or girl is 50% for each separate pregnancy. the same as flipping three coins, the chances of having either heads or tails is 50% and each flip is independent of the others.

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