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11. An object with a charge of +6.0 µC is 0.30 m from a second object and experiences an attractive force of 1.80 N. What is the magnitude of the charge on the second object? (µC = 1.0 × 10-6 C) (Answer: -3.0 µC)

Can someone please explain how to do this problem? I don't just want the answer, but i need to know the correct way to calculate it.

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    k =9•10⁹ N•m²/C²,
    q₂ = F•r²/k•q₁ = 1.8•0.3²/9•10⁹•6•10⁻⁶ =
    =3•10⁻⁶ C = 3 μC
    Due to the attraction of the charges
    q₂ = - 3 μC

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