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Posted by Amy on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 1:02pm.

To avoid speaking in monotone, a strategy to use can include:
A. changing pitch and tone of voice.
B. voice inflection.
C. varying rate and pace of speaking.
D. All of the above

i'm confused betwen A & D

2. Which nonverbal consideration creates immediate impressions among your audience?
A. Facial impressions
B. Physical appearance
C. Eye contact
D. Body movement

is it B

3. What type of visual aid is showing the actual thing being discussed?
A. Photograph
B. Graph
C. Object
D. Videotape

is it B

4. All of the following are reasons that visual aids are useful in speech delivery EXCEPT:
A. they demonstrate something.
B. their presence allows the speaker to take a rest from talking.
C. they expand understanding.
D. they add interest to a speech.

is it B

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