March 26, 2017

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1.The youth center that the charity organized was like a (precaution beacon) to many young people desperately needing help and guidance.

2.The child gazed (wistfully wholesomely) at the shiny toys in the store window.

3.Is it right to (retaliate confiscate) against an evil act by performing evil acts of one's own?

4.Marie is not really pretty but her sparkling personality and (wholesome berserk) charm makes her very attractive

5.Many a perfectly healthy employee has been known to (retaliate sham) illness to avoid going to work

6.For some strange reason the photocopier suddenly went (berserk wistful) and started spewing vast quantities of paper all over the floor

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    All are right except for 1.

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    7.The report that he sent to the president of the company (underscored retaliated) the need for better planning and more careful use of funds

    8.The settlement of the American West is one of the great (pantomimes epics) of world history

    9.Our driving instructor has emphasized that the use of seat belts is not a silly (encounter precaution) but a surefire way of saving lives

    10.The Bible tells us that the Lord is like a stern but loving parent, and that whom He loveth, He (chasteneth detracteth)

    11.During the long years of defeat Lincoln searched for a general who would (prosecute underscore) the war fearlessly until the Union was saved

    12.Her writing style is a little (celestial uncouth) but what it lacks in polish and refinement is more than made up for by its wonderful humor

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    All right. :-)

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