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Word bank beacon berserk celestial chasten confiscate data detract encounter epic pantomime pessimist precaution prosecute puncture retaliate sham uncouth underscore wholesome wistful

1.The police have done their job in arresting the suspect; now it is up to district attorney to ____ him and prove his guilt.

2.Though many people doubted that the new program would do any real good, I thought it was a very _____ development

3.Late that afternoon, one of the inmates went ____ and totally wrecked the infirmary

4.Isn't it remarkable that a(n) ____ poem such as the lliad, written almost 3,000 years ago still has interest for readers today?

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    All are correct except for 2.

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    Now that we have gathered a vast amount of ____ it is up to us to draw some useful conclusions from all this information

    6.After the war, all the property that has been ____ by the government was turned back to its former owners

    7.Little did I realize when I ____ that old man on a lonely beach that this chance meeting would change my life.

    8.With a(n) ____ expression on his face, the prisoner looked through his cell window at the patch of sky that meant freedom for him.

    11.In the old days whippings and other forms of physical punishment were used to ___ student misbehavior, even in college.

    13.So there I was with a(n) ____ in one of my rear tires on a lonely road on a dark night and during a violent rainstorm

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    All are right except for 8.

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    Freedom of speech is an underscore and a mockery if it does not apply to people whose opinions are very unpopular.

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