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Posted by Bob on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 3:57am.

If you've ever watched sailing, you will sometimes see a sailor hanging off the side of the boat, for example in this shot from the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair." Eventually, of course, the sailboat tips over so far that a person cannot keep it balanced. Consider an idealized model of a small sailboat where the boat is a point. We'll model the mast and sails as a 14 meter long uniform rod with total mass 400 kg. Our sailor will be modeled as a 100 kg point mass on the massless boom that extends 4 meters from the boat at a right angle to the sail. If θ is the angle between the mast and the horizontal axis, at what θ in degrees will the sailor be unable to keep the boat upright even if he is sitting at the end of the boom?

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