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(a) One such reaction fuses two nuclei of carbon-12 (12/6C ) to form an atom
of neon (20/10Ne ) with the emission of an α-particle. Write an equation for
this process, indicating the atomic number and mass number of each of
the products in the usual way.
(b) Another reaction involving carbon-12 in stars is one in which a
carbon-12 nucleus fuses with a hydrogen nucleus (atomic mass of 1) to
form a nucleus of nitrogen, releasing 1.95 MeV in the process.
Write down the equation for this process, and using values for the
binding energy of the hydrogen and carbon-12 nuclei of 0 MeV and
–92.2 MeV respectively, calculate the binding energy of the nitrogen
nucleus. (Show all your working.)
(c) Convert the energy liberated in the reaction in part (b) into the
equivalent amount of energy in joules, and then calculate the amount of
mass that has been converted into energy as a result of this process.
Using SI units throughout show that the units for the mass are
(Express your answers in scientific notation to an appropriate number of
significant figures.)

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