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Homework Help: Daycare managment

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1. Which of these is a benefit of unstructured outdoor play?
A. Learning of rules
B. Emotional well-being
C. Video game skill
D. Learned helplessness
2. Children are considered obese when they're ______ percent over their ideal body weight.
A. 15
B. 10
C. 20
D. 40
3. A(n) _______ causes a behavior to repeat.
A. struggle for power
B. retaliation
C. reinforcer
D. extinction
4. Shy children can be sometimes be encouraged to participate in specific program activities by using which
of these techniques?
A. Modeling
B. Excluding
C. Forcing
D. Coercing
5. Public funding of middle school programs usually requires _______ components to occur every day.
A. athletic and mathematical
B. active and technological play
C. religious and secular
D. academic and enrichment
6. _______ is a health problem that can be caused by obesity.
A. The common cold
B. A lower fasting blood glucose level
C. Low blood pressure
D. Heart disease
7. Dr. Marian Marion has explained that the guidance system consists of children, adults, and
A. the environment.
B. the classroom rules.
C. pets.
D. activities.
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