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Homework Help: Algebra 1

Posted by Ley on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 7:29pm.

1.To solve the linear system below, which substitution of unkowns is proper ?
A.substitute 5x-16 for y in the first eqn
B.substitute 5x+16 for y in the first eqn
C.substitute 5x+12 for y in the first eqn
D.substitute 7y-4 for x in the second eqn

2.A line with a slope of -2 passes through the point (-2,4). If (c,-2) is another point on the line, what is the value of c?

3. Use lines with equations x+5y=5 and 5x + py = 5. a.Find p if the lines are parallel. b.Find p if the lines are perpendicular.

4.Write an equation in standard form of a line that is perpendicular to the line that passes through the points (-3,-8) and (-2,5) ?

5.Which pair of lines are parallel?
k:4x-y=-3 L:-4x-5=y
m:5y=3x+35 n:10y+20=6x
choices: A.k and m B.L and m C.k and n
D.n and m

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