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Mack needs to buy fencing to surround his circular garden. If his garden is 30 feet across and fencing cost $4.50 per foot, how much will it cost to fence in Mark's garden?

If the radius if of a circle is 4 feet, what is its circumference ?

Ben ran 10 times around a circular track. If the total distance he ran was 8 miles, what was the diameter of the track?

If carpet cost $5 per square yard, what would it cost to carpet a room that is 5 yards wide and 22 yards log?

If you wanted to carpet a circular room that is 20 feet across and carpet cost $3.50 per square foot , how much money would you need?

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    All of these questions have to do with the circumference of a circle.

    C = pi * d or
    C = pi * r^2

    You can use either 3.14 or 22/7 for pi.

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