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A zimbabwe was a

A. tribal leader.
B. band of warriors.
C. trade route though the desert.
D. fortified administration center.

Answer:b Incorrect
Reference: PAGE 377

3. In his famous sermon of 1095, Pope Urban II saw Christian Europe as

A. comprising all of Europe, which he thought took up much of the world.
B. a military and economic powerhouse that had always been on the rise.
C. being evenly divided among Europe, Africa, and Asia.
D. only a small part of Europe and an even smaller part of the larger world.

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect
Reference: PAGE 278

9. All of the following were a result of the Crusades except

A. destruction of peaceful relations between Muslims and Christians.
B. increased hostility in Europe between Christians and Jews.
C. establishment of a large Christian kingdom in the Middle East.
D. a proclamation, by Zangi, calling for Jihad against the infidels.

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect
Reference: PAGE 289-91

13. In China, the rise of the idea of a new Buddha who would inaugurate a golden age and give power to his followers led to

A. the rise of the Yuan dynasty.
B. a resurgence in the power of Confucian elites.
C. the rise of the Ming dynasty.
D. a revolution in religious belief.

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect
Reference: PAGE 358

14. The majority of the wealth of the Byzantine Empire was based on

A. tribute from neighboring states.
B. the productivity of the peasantry and trade.
C. military conquest of new territories.
D. private commercial ventures.

Student Answer: D

Answer: Incorrect
Reference: PAGE 297

18. In the eleventh century, who did the Muslims refer to as "the army of God?"

A. Buddhists
B. Christians
C. Turks
D. Chinese

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect
Reference: PAGE 288

19. The economic security of the Inca Empire was based on

A. intensive maize farming.
B. environmental diversity.
C. extensive trade with the Aztec Empire.
D. a horizontal compilation of terra firma.

Student Answer: A

Answer: Incorrect
Reference: PAGE 381

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