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Word box abstain accommodate allegiance amalgamate append commemorate enumerate exalt extort far-fetched glum replica responsive sanctuary self-seeking submissive tally taskmaster transform upheaval

2.Good employees don't need a(n)) ____ to keep them working

8.I love basketball games but I have decided to ___ from attending them until I can get my grades up

10.Imagine how ____ we felt when a sudden wave of warm weather melted all the snow and ruined our plans for a winter carnival

18.Though an injured hand kept Larry from actually bowling he took part in the tournament by keeping a careful ___ of scores

19.Remember that the Pledge of _____ is not a formula to be repeated mechanically but a summary of our sacred duty to our country

20,The driving instructor __ carefully the bad habits and practices that are likely to lead to accidents

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    I agree with all of your answers except for 19.

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    1.Every entertainer likes a(n) ___ audience that shows it appreciates and enjoys a performance

    4.We learned in our science class how ___ of the earth's crust has resulted in the formation of mountains

    5.When we visited NYC we bought a small ___ of the Statue of Liberty as a memento of our trip

    6.In just a few years she was ____ from an awkward tomboy into a charming young woman

    16.I know that Mother has given you all kinds of instructions before you leave for camp but let me _____ some extra advice

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    All are correct. :-)

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