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A string fixed at both ends is 9.31 m long and has a mass of 0.125 kg. It is subjected to a tension of 100.0 N and set oscillating.
(a) What is the speed of the waves on the string?

(b) What is the longest possible wavelength for a standing wave?

(c) Give the frequency of that wave.

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    wave velocity=sqrt (tension/(mass/length)

    longest wavelength: 1/2 Lambda = 9.31 m long


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    he equation of a transverse wave on a string is
    y = (4.8 mm) sin[(14 m-1)x + (440 s-1)t]
    The tension in the string is 10 N. (a) What is the wave speed? (b) Find the linear density of this string.

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