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A 179 mL solution of a copper complex with a molecular weight of 491.9 g mol-1 was made. The absorbance of the solution at 638 nm wavelength was 0.376 using a 1 cm cuvette. It is known that this copper complex has a molar absorptivity (extinction coefficient) of 324.4 M-1 cm-1 at this wavelength.What was the mass of the copper complex dissolved in the solution in mg? Report your answer to 3 significant figures.

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    A = ebc
    A = 0.376
    e = 324.4
    b = 1 cm
    c = unknown.
    Solve for C in molarity.
    mols = M x L where L = 0.179\
    grams = molos x molar mass. Solve for grams and convert to mg.

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    is it 102 mg

    rounded to 3 significant figures.

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