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only one of each of the following pairs of reactants undergoes a reaction. Complete and balance the equation for the reaction that occurs.

NaCl (aq) + BaCl2 (aq) -->
Na2SO4 (aq) + BaCl2 (aq) -->

NO3^- (aq) + OH^- (aq)+ Al (s) -->
CO3^2- (aq) + OH^- (aq) +Al (s) -->

K^+ (aq) + Cl^- (aq) -->
Ag^+ (aq) + Cl^- (aq) -->

can you also explain WHY the one pair undergoes a reaction? Thanks so much!!

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    The first pair:
    You look at the table of solubilities.
    Reactions occur for three primary reasons.
    a. an insoluble ppt formed.
    b. a gas formd
    c. a weak electrolyte formed.
    Here is a simplified table of solubilities.
    For the first pair you will note BaSO4 is not soluble.
    Third pair: AgCl is insoluble.
    Second pair: I think someone goofed. Both equations will go because Al + OH^- gives H2 + Al(OH)3.

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