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12-Only once have i seen sudden activity in this peaceful place.13-Natures power came to call. 14-For a few brief moments one spring day, the stillness of the pond was disrupted.15-Diving from the sky, an enormous blue heron broke the pond's surface. Rings of disturbed water rippled out across the pond. The large bird evidently had spotted a tasty dinner from far above. it suddenly swooped into the restful haven and gathered up a large orange fish in its beak. The heron rose into the sky, disappearing as suddenly as it arrived. 20-It was carrying the captured prize, no doubt, into a more remote place.

1-in sentence 15 which sensory detail would be the best addition to describe the ponds surface.
a-the extremely dark
b-the glass smooth
c-the very quiet
d-correct as is

2-in sentence 20 which of these wud best add a metaphor to the end of the phrase "captured prize,no doubt..."?
a-to some chirping, demanding baby birds
b-to a flock of noisy herons
c-to the bird's dining room
d-to a roughly made bird's nest


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