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1-Natue is in top form in this stunning spot. 2-I enjoy nature on a weekend hike and even in my backyard. 3-This is a place of still water, of slow moving fish called koi, and of great green trees. 4-Perhaps you have already guessed the place. 5-I have in mind. 6-It's the koi pond at city park botanical gardens. 7-On a hill just above the pond is a shady rock. 8-The gentle breeze that blows across the hill cools and soothes the body and spirit.

1. At the beginning of the 1st paragraph, which sentence would best be added to establish the authors purpose?
a-When i'm tired, i go to a nearby park to read and relax.
b-I have found one of the most natural and peaceful places in our city.
c-A certain city park offers many types of recreational activities.
d-One large park is conveniently near my house and attracts a lot of attention.

2-which sentence does not belong in the essay.

3. how are sentences 4 and 5 best written
a-Perhaps you've already guessed the place i have in mind.
b-Perhaps you've already guessed the place, I have in mind.
c-Perhaps you've already guessed. The place i have in mind.
d-correct as

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