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I need help one how create a spreadsheet that will give an accurate launch profile for a vertical liftoff for the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
the information they give me is:

•Start with a rocket with a mass, M1, moving with a speed, v1

•The rocket expels some small mass, Δm, with speed, vexhaust

•Treat this as an inelastic collision, and conserve momentum in the process

•Assume the rocket is moving vertically and account for the change in velocity due to gravity

•Compute the velocity of the rocket, v1 + Δv, after taking momentum conservation and gravity into account

•Begin the next step with a rocket with mass, M1 – Δm, and a velocity, v1 + Δv

The spreadsheet need to include the following:

spreadsheet should include at least the following columns:

•Mass of the rocket for that time step

•Change in velocity of the rocket for that time step

•Velocity of the rocket at the end of that time step

•Altitude of the rocket at the end of that time step

Necessary details for the Falcon 9:
Mass at liftoff: 333,400 kg
Fuel/oxidizer used per second: 1430 kg/s
Thrust: 5.01x106 N
Exhaust velocity: 3.50x103 m/s

There are also questions That i need help in answering:

At what time after liftoff does the rocket exceed the speed of sound at STP?
What are its velocity and altitude at this time?
For a vertical liftoff, how long does it take the rocket to reach the edge of space (100 km altitude)?
What other effects do we not consider in this analysis that are important to consider?

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