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Raymond is planting a border of 48 seedlings that will completely surround a rectangular garden. He wants to plant the seedlings 2 feet apart. If the garden plot is 30 feet long, how wide should it be?

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    If it is 30 feet long, the other side is also 30 feet long. Thus, we have 30/15 + 1 = 16 saplings for one side. This, multiplied by 2 gives us 32 in all without the width. Now we only have

    48-32 = 16 saplings left. Each side minus 2.

    Thus, we have x/2-1 saplings on each side.

    this, multipled by 2, gives us x-2 saplings.

    Since we have 16 saplings, we get x= 18.

    Plugging in for width, we get 18/2 -1 = 8 for each side, and 16 for both.

    Then we get 16+32 = 48 in all which works.

    So the width is 18.

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    thank u

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