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Posted by Jerald on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 9:13pm.

When Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize, he gave a speech in which he noted the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr. Here are some words of his speech:
"...It will not be presumptuous of us if we also add, among our predecessors, the name of another outstanding Nobel Peace Prize winner, the late African-American statesman and internationalist, the Rev Martin Luther King Jr. He, too, grappled with and died in the effort to make a contribution to the just solution of the same great issues of the day which we had to face as South Africans. We speak here of the challenge of the dichotomies of war and peace, violence and non-violence, racism and human dignity, oppression and repression and liberty and human rights, poverty and freedom from want."

Nelson MAndela seems to have changed his viewpoint the way to achieve change. He went from someone who supported violence to achieve change to someone that, like Martin Luther King Jr, believe in Non violence

IF Nelson Mandela had not spend 27 years in prison would he have felt the same way?
No because if he didn't stay in prison for 27 years he would have just been living as a person who supported violence

3.Why do people listen to Nelson even though he was put in prison for crimes like sabotage against the government?
Because he changed his viewpoint and instead supported non violence and he wasn't mad at the government for being put in jail for 27 years

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